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UI Trends 2022: Top 10 Trends Your Users Will Love

2021 continued what 2020 started. As the world moves markets online UX and UI design is more important than ever, and with this, we should expect a lot of change in UI trends. As new technologies arise there is potential in UI becoming much more innovative in 2022 than in the last few years.

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2021 was an interesting year in UI design. Last year’s events foreshadow big changes on how we use technology in the future. For this yearly prediction top list of UX Studio, we collected 10 of the latest UI trends, some ongoing, and some far reaching.

Many related articles mention things that have been trending for three years now. And yes, storytelling, dark mode, ethical design, unique illustrations, and bold typography will remain the defining elements on digital platforms. We explained more about these in previous articles. As these elements have been on the radar for a few years now, we can’t say that they are “modern UI trends” anymore, but rather, common knowledge.

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